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4M Partners Vietnam Services

Construction Management

Procurement Stage

  • Setting up Construction Master Plan.
  • Construction budget review and setting.
  • Setting up the Procurement Plan.
  • Surveying Construction contractors and material suppliers.
  • Evaluating pre-qualification of candidate bidders.
  • Bidding documents preparation.
  • Bidding invitation and pre-bidding meeting.
  • Holding bidding.
  • Answering inquiries of bidders.
  • Bidding document evaluation & assessment.
  • Award bidder and negotiation.
  • Signing Contract with Construction Contractor and Material Supplier.

Construction Stage

  • Hold the pre-construction meeting with contractors and suppliers.
  • Mobilization Plan Setting-up.
  • Establishment and execution of documentation procedures.
  • Method statement review and approval.
  • Quality control plan and adaptation.
  • Up-dating construction schedule and adjustment.
  • Review of progress payment request.
  • Review claims by contractors and material suppliers.
  • Shop drawing review and approval.
  • Preparation of documents for design revision.
  • Value Engineering.
  • Co-ordination with occupancy permission agency.
  • Safety Control.

Post-Construction Stage

  • Prepare operational and maintenance manuals.
  • Coordinate and expedite submittals of information the contractor for closeout of the project (As-built drawings, Contract adjustment and so on).
  • Collect and deliver of warranty and guarantee period contracted parties
  • Assist equipment commissioning tests and relative results.
  • Supporting for the obtaining occupancy permission governmental agency.
  • Establish repair and maintenance system for contractor defects.
  • Preparation of a summary of the total project costs.
  • Preparation of the final report.