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News of 4M Partners Vietnam

Foreign construction management: A 20-year journey to understand the Vietnamese construction market


More details: https://baoxaydung.com.vn/quan-ly-xay-dung-nuoc-ngoai-chang-duong-gan-20-nam-thau-hieu-thi-truong-xay-dung-viet-nam-335757.html


(Xây dựng) - In the meeting with Bao Xay Dung's journalist, Mr. Ryu Seong Ho - The General Director of 4M Partners Vietnam Co., Ltd. (4M Partners) - a 100% foreign-invested company that has operated in the construction management business since 2004 in Vietnam shared his nearly 20-year journey to understand Vietnamese construction market.

With the strengths of experience in a developed and successful construction market like Korea, 4M knows that Vietnam is in a period in which the bigger the scale of the construction market is, the more enormous the competitive pressure due to the integration is, in addition to the design and construction firms, construction management is also a key factor in helping the project achieve the best efficiency in terms of cost, quality, and progress.

As a foreign company that has been operating for nearly 20 years in Vietnam with the motto: “Passion & Impression, Ethics”, along with the achievements during the past time, 4M Partners has been trusted by several clients for CM & CS consultancy of massive projects across the c.ountry.

Currently, 4M Partners is one of the major international consultants in the field of CM, and CS in different aspects such as civil, industrial, infrastructure, transportation, tourism – hotel, etc. Some outstanding projects of 4M Partners: Lotte Mall Hanoi Commercial Center Project, The high-rise building apartment H9 CT1 – Tay Ho Tay New Town, Sunflower International Village Hai Phong Hotel, Commercial Center Hyundai Hillsmall – Ha Dong, Glonics Factory – Thai Nguyen City, The low-rise houses K5&K7 – Tay Ho Tay New Town, etc.

Lotte Mall Hanoi Commercial Center - One of the projects that 4M Partners is a CS consultant for.

With a team of experienced staff f.rom different c.ountries, 4M Partners has successfully completed the tasks assigned by the clients, and increasingly confidently assumed the management of large-scale projects requiring particularly complex technical technology.

With the available capacity, now 4M Partners prioritizes focusing on developing and applying advanced and modern project management models, and at the same time, building a team of qualified and capable manpower and experts who could solve practical problems, strengthen cooperation with domestic as well as foreign consulting firms in order to gradually improve the service quality provided to clients.