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4M Partners - Professional ethics: The most important thing that makes the reputation of CM & CS consultant


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Construction Management and Construction Supervision (CM&CS) consultant is considered a trustworthy assistant of the Employer in both aspects, skilled professional, and exemplary in responsibility and ethics. That is easy to say, but extremely difficult to implement.  4M Partners Vietnam had a long journey to overcome the difficulties to achieve their reputation.

CM&CS is a knowledge-based sector, so the greatest asset is human resources and the company’s reputation. For 4M Partners Vietnam, the 20-year journey of development has built up their highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated staff.

Due to the fact that the characteristic of CM&CS is to work in conditions with many difficulties and shortages, without professional ethics, the supervisor easily ignores the defects of construction. Therefore, professional ethics is always a vital issue. For 4M Partners Vietnam, the leadership always pays special attention to preventing corruption.

The high-rise building apartment H9-CT1 Starlake, Tay Ho Tay New Town, Hanoi which 4M Partners carried out the CS consultant work.

Mr. Ryu Seong Ho, General Director of 4M Partners Vietnam always emphasizes that ethics is the most important fundamental for CM&CS consultant. Hence, other than propagandizing and training, the company also applies some measures such as setting up company policy and working culture, as well as creating professional management. In which, the responsibilities of all people, the General Director to the Managers, Chief Engineer, and each engineer are clearly defined.

Moreover, 4M Partners also has organized some short-term external training courses and annual internal ones for all employees to enhance professional knowledge and working skills in order to create conditions for them to carry out their jobs most effectively.

It is believed that, with the great experience and human-based development strategy, 4M Partners Vietnam will continue to improve their existing advantages, and always deserves to be a leading CM & CS company in Vietnam's construction industry.