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News of 4M Partners Vietnam

4M Partners – The professional “Facility Management Audit” provider


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The “Facility Management Audit” service has appeared in the world for a long time, but it is still a relatively fresh concept in Vietnam. In recent years, with the explosion of construction works, Clients have paid attention to “Facility Management Audit”, with the desire to create and maintain the premises in a safe, efficient, and environment-friendly manner.

A facility Management Audit (a.k.a facility management inventory) is the complete review of all assets in a new or existing building to maintain normal operation according to the design and to prolong the life of the building, as well as to reduce partly the replacement and repair cost for the building. Facility Management Audit is also for the maintenance and repair plan, in order to limit the deterioration of the facilities, maximize the aesthetic and economic values of the building, as well as provide a safe, effective working and living environment for the people.

When the projects are put into use, it is essential that the buildings continue to be properly maintained to ensure that they can operate as efficiently as possible. The deterioration of the buildings due to a lack of Facility Management Audit can cause safety and other related problems leading to incidents that damage people and property. Studying the construction problems and knowing about the condition of its material, structure, and ME systems is vital to take measures to maintain construction quality and function efficiency.

Because of such importance, the Facility Management Audit should be carried out objectively, and conscientiously, by a reputable and competent company.

Han Viet Tower Building, one of the projects provided with the "Audit of Facility Management" service by 4M Partne
rs Vietnam.

4M Partners Vietnam is one of the leading consulting firms providing professional consulting services CM, CS, and Facility Management Audit in order to bring the maximum benefits to clients' projects. With a team of professionally trained and experienced engineers as well as experts, 4M Partners has carried out the Facility Management Audit for various projects office buildings, factories, logistics facilities, e.t.c with a meticulous and highly specialized process. All structural & architectural components, ME systems, and FF systems of the building shall be inspected, synthesized, collected, then evaluated and analyzed based on the design documents and operation manuals. After that, the data are generated to help clients understand and prevent problems during the operation and maintenance in the future.

The motto Passion & Impression – Morality, along with the working manners of Honesty, Objectivity, and Dedication, we are looking forward to having the opportunity to provide Clients across the ry with Facility Management Audit service.