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CM & CS, the important work in preventing and minimizing incidents for construction of projects


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  Project progress & quality are the important issues that all Employers always pay special attention to, preventing incidents and minimizing risks then become a prerequisite for the construction of projects.

In recent years, along with the development of the economy, the construction sector has made steady progress; there are also a lot of implicit risks of unsafety and incidents. The incidents related to the collapse of constructions are happening more and more, complicated and causing great damage to people and property, such as the collapse of the brick wall under construction in Nhon Hoa IP (Binh Dinh) caused 05 mortalities, the steel structure collapse of a factory in Hai Ha IP (Quang Ninh), the collapse of boundary brick wall in Giang Dien IP (Dong Nai) caused 10 mortalities, etc. Most of the serious incidents mentioned above are caused by subjective factors, specifically the contractor capacity, process management, quality management, and safety & supervision during construction.

Lotte Mall project, provided CM&CS services by 4M Partners, always perfectly implements safety measures

Understanding the significance of the human factor to the management of progress, quality and construction safety, 4M Partners always strives to improve and provide CM&CS services with the highest quality to the clients.

4M Partners provides the CM&CS service including all phases of the project construction process with the system of management, supervising, reporting, and giving solutions are methodically established by 4M Partners will help the Clients to control and prevent all risk factors that may occur in the construction of projects: Pre-construction management (management of design, project plan, and schedule, setting-up procedures and reports, etc,.); Bidding management & bidder selection (Setting-up bidding plan, bidding document, organizing bidding, evaluating and selecting bidder, e.t.c.); Contract management (contract negotiation, contract preparation, contract liquidation support, etc,.); Management during construction (quality, schedule, quantity, safety, and environment sanitation control); Cost management (payment, variation order, e.t.c.).

Specifically, the management during the construction phase is carefully noticed by 4M Partners, and all construction method statements, construction sequences, and safety plans submitted by the contractor are thoroughly checked before construction. In addition, strict supervision to ensure that the contractor absolutely complies with the approved methods is extremely important to prevent accidents on the construction site.

In the context of increasingly high requirements for construction quality, progress, and safety, the participation of 4M Partners not only helps the Client efficiently save time and construction cost but also prevents incidents and minimizes risks, as well as ensures the construction quality and progress.

Proud to be a company with 20 years of experience in the field of CM & CS, 4M Partners always hope to accompany with the Clients toward the success of projects.